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FAQs / Help

What should I do if I lose my E Ticket or it doesn't arrive by email?

Email sightseeing@greatdays.co.uk where it will be possible to resend provided you contact us at least 42 hours prior to the date of your booking. 

I cannot print my e-ticket – will this be an issue?

In most cases a physical E-ticket will be required, so we advise that you find an opportunity to print it off.

When do I receive my tickets?

When booking a Day Trip from Manchester, you will be notified of a meeting point and time on your E ticket, where you will be greeted by a Manchester Sightseeing representative, who will hand you your tickets as part of your travel pack.

For all Manchester Sightseeing bookings the E Ticket emailed at time of booking should be presented in order to join your sightseeing experience. 


How will I recognise your representative?

Our representatives will either wearing or carrying something yellow, t-shirt, sash or clipboard, to help you identify them at the designated meeting point at Piccadilly Station.

What do I do if I can’t find the Manchester Sightseeing Representative at the Station

The Manchester Sightseeing representative will carry an emergency phone 07733 528476, if you are unable to make contact, call our office on 0161 928 2001.

Please be reminded that, as per your E-Ticket, you should arrive to collect your Travel Pack at least 20-30 minutes before your train departs. We cannot guarantee that the Manchester Sightseeing Representative will still be available after this time and no refunds can be given.

How long will the train journey take?

An approximate journey time is included on our website for each individual Day Trip.  It will also be included on the E-ticket. 

Do I get reserved seats on the train?

On most of our longer day trips, a reserved seat is included in the price for both the outward and return journey.

Where a reserved seat has been booked, this will be specified on your train tickets.

Please note that some train services do not offer seat reservations and train reservations cannot be guaranteed (particularly when booking on short notice).

Do the Day Trips from Manchester include a tour guide?

All of the Day Trips from Manchester are self guided with useful maps and suggested itineraries provided in the Travel Pack provided when collecting your tickets from our Manchester Sightseeing representative at Manchester Piccadilly station. 

Are there any access restrictions?

Your E-ticket will provide you with accessibility information.  Should you have any specific concerns or questions, please email sightseeing@greatdays.co.uk

Are there any discounted rates?

Concessions are available for most Day Trips and Sightseeing experiences for children with many concessions also available for Seniors and Students.  The ticket prices clearly identify these concessions.

Why are there no tickets available to book for my required date?

Each Day Trip and Sightseeing experience has specific operational scenarios that require the available ticket dates to be restricted.

Stadium Tours will only ever be available to book 2 months ahead due to the nature of football fixtures.

Can I cancel or change my date once booked?

Contact the Manchester Sightseeing office on 07733528476 or sightseeing@greatdays.co.uk, who will advise if a change can be made and any applicable fees.

What happens if I miss my train?

On your outward journey our representative will be able to advise, if this is your homeward journey, you may need to purchase a new ticket on some journeys.

What happens if my train is cancelled?

Station staff will be able to advise the next available train service.

Can I travel First Class on the train?

First Class upgrades may be available. if booked in advance.  Please contact Manchester Sightseeing for applicable supplements on sightseeing@greatdays.co.uk or 07733528476.

What facilities will be available on the train?

All trains will be equipped with toilets.  On our longer day trip journeys, refreshments are usually available to purchase.  There may be limited facilities at weekends.

Can I add additional people on the day?

In most cases, this will not be possible due to the administration and notification required with the operators.

Contact us at sightseeing@greatdays.co.uk or 07733528476 at your earliest and should we be able to make the necessary arrangements we will advise.

Can infants be brought along?

In most cases, this is possible and some of our prices define a Child/Infant price.  Please contact us if an Infant price is not listed.

Are any meals included?

The following includes refreshments:

Manchester United FC Stadium Tour - when booking the Gold Package

Chester with lunch in the Cathedral - Soup, Sandwich & a drink in the Refectory Cafe

World of Wedgwood - an Afternoon Tea

Robinsons Brewery Tour - Package A includes a beer tasting at the end of the tour & Package B includes beer tasting and lunch in the restaurant.

Amazing Secret Places in Stockport  - Cream Tea at the Plaza Theatre

For all other bookings, there will be plenty of opportunities to arrange your own meals.


Can I book over the phone?

If you have no access to the internet, you may call us on +44 (0)7733 528 476 , during office hours.

We are open Mon-Fri 0900 - 1730.

Can I bring my dog?

Whilst trains and some other attractions accept dogs, most of the Day Trips from Manchester will have elements in the itineraries where dogs will not be permitted.